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Baroque Pearl Necklace

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  • Hands to make12
  • Days to create4
  • Steps to finish10
  • Key to perfection Stone selection
  • Heritage preserved Acient Indian technique of stringing pearls
Why we love this thing

Classy and quirky, this cyclops statement pendant necklace is likely to draw a couple of eyeballs. Each pendant features anÊuncut baroque pearl cast delicately into a 22k gold plated frame, lined with a hand-strung freshwater pearl fringe using an ancient Indian technique. Wear it with a black dress to brunch or style it with assorted eclectic pieces.

Details you should know
    • This piece took ten steps to make from raw material to finished product and created 18 jobs.
    • Each stone used in the making of this pair has been carefully handpicked for quality and is uncut and in its natural form.
    • Composed of 65% stones and 35% brass.
    • Dimensions of 18 inches (length).
    • Avoid direct contact with grease / high temperature. Do not spray perfume directly on the jewellery. Clean the jewellery with a soft cotton cloth and warm water.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India. 
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