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Gold Wolfhead Pendant Necklace

Rs. 3,300.incl of all taxes

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  • Hands to make10.0
  • Days to create7.0
  • Steps to finish6.0
  • Key to perfection Finishing
Why we love this thing

The fierce Gold Wolfhead Pendant Necklace is the symbol for a strong woman, unafraid to stand out. The gold-plated brass chain necklace gleams in the sun and is a powerful statement piece in itself. Pair this stunning necklace with a simple outfit for a statement look.

Meet the maker

Dhora is evocative of all that is beautiful. Dhora offers a unique signature style that is bold, contemporary and inspired by the province of Rajasthan, India. Native to the desert state of India and educated at Instituto Marangoni, Milano, Aavriti has a unique perspective from which she draws inspiration. Her “minimal yet Indie” products embody old-world traditions and symbolize, “a simpler day for the modern free spirited being.” An enticing mélange of Indian craftsmanship with minimal and one-of-a-kind designs, ‘Dhora’ is not only very contemporary and edgy, it is truly mode de la muse!

Details you should know
  • Wear with our Green Silk Shift Dress as a statement piece. Can also be paired with the Antique Wolf Head Loop Earrings for a complete set.
  • Made to order, takes up to 7 days to deliver.
  • Composed of rhodium-plated brass.
  • Wrap in cotton and place in a zip lock bag to preserve quality. Keep away from extreme temperature and dampness.
  • Designed and handcrafted in India.
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